Act with integrity and strive for the best outcomes.

Maintaining a good name is important. High-quality work brings satisfaction and pride.
How we started

In 2003, Marmorata Architectural and Engineering Services was founded by a group of young professionals. Initially a consulting firm, it eventually expanded to include design and construction services. The company primarily worked on residential and commercial projects and experienced steady growth over the years.
In 2019, the group decided to refocus on construction and established RoMans Construction Services. While contract administration is still part of the company's services, a separate group was formed to handle consulting tasks. The core members of the company remain, and with the addition of new talent, the firm has become even stronger and more capable.

What We Believe In

Achieving high levels of quality in our work brings a sense of pride and accomplishment, and a positive reputation can lead to new opportunities and challenges in the future.

Who We Are

The Company has evolved. The Team became stronger...

RoMans Construction is a full-service construction company offering turn-key construction, outsourcing support, and maintenance services to a range of industries including healthcare, education, food processing, and manufacturing. We are well-versed in the International Building Code, Accessibility Standards, and Fire Code, allowing us to deliver comprehensive solutions to our clients.

At RoMans Construction, safety is our top priority and we have established an impressive safety record as a result. Our team has a broad range of expertise in both residential and commercial construction, including single detached homes, multi-family residential properties, small and large commercial projects, and any combination thereof. We also have extensive experience in managing the construction of large-scale industrial facilities.

Our portfolio includes a variety of projects such as passenger bus maintenance facilities, pre-engineered warehouses, and generator houses/buildings. Our team has extensive knowledge on how structural, civil, electrical, and mechanical components work together and a group of architects who can seamlessly integrate all of these elements.

With years of successful project experience, we have earned a reputation for completing work on time and within budget.

Design Build construction forms a significant portion of our work. We reduce your headache in dealing with multiple designers and engineers.

General Construction
Construction Management

What We Do

Sustainability is important to us. It can be harnessed through the use of renewable energy sources such as wind, hydro, and solar power.

We strive to create functional products that are both aesthetically pleasing and cost-effective.

More than 25 years of experience in the Construction Industry

Our company is characterized by able leadership, a skilled workforce, excellent labour relations, a strong safety record and good customer relationships. We are working hard to capitalize on our proven capabilities and safety record.

We are taking an increasing role in supporting the business development efforts of our client partners. This co-operative business development initiative will perform several vital functions.